1. Click or search the products which you require . then you will see the products page


2. Click the item no. you will see the detail information of this item. then select the size and finish and click "Enquiry" button , your enquiry will be transfer to "Enquiry" page . you can repeat this process to select all the items you require , and all the selected items will remain on "Enquiry" page.

3. On" Enquiry" page, you are allowed to renew the selected items by clicking " Renew " button,  you can delete the items which you don't need by cancelling the select of these items, and then you click "Renew" button again, now the " enquiry" page only keep the selected items finally.

4. You are requested to put the quanity of each selected item according to our present packaging or according to the packaging you wish.
and also you are requested to fill the form of your company's information , and click ”email to us" button, your enquiry will be sent to us,
the" send successfully" will be showed if the enquiry is sent successfully.

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